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Rush Deliveries & Custom Orders -
Our Specialty!
At Admiral, we will take even the most unusual request seriously and make every attempt to fulfill it. If we don't have it in stock, we can find it. If we can't find it, we'll have it made to order -- and always, as rapidly as possible. If your project requires special printing, we have the technical expertise to complete it to your specifications. We understand that rapid turnaround is essential for your most discriminating clients. If we have your item in stock, we can turn your order around and ship via Fed Ex the same day.

The envelope is the first impression your customer has -- the right envelope carries your brand, generates excitement and anticipation, and truly gift wraps your message. In this day of information overload, savvy direct mailers and designers know that a dazzling envelope is the critical difference between "junk" mail that goes straight to the trash, and a targeted message that is opened, remembered and responded to.

Custom Manufacturing
Admiral Envelope specializes in unusual sizes, colors, papers, finishes and textures that will ensure that your message is memorable, exciting and always original.

Since 1925, Admiral Envelope has been one of the premiere manufacturers of custom and unusual envelopes in America. We can manufacture envelopes in virtually any quantity and in virtually any size from miniature to gigantic, any shape from rounded edges to squares, in more than 50 colors, in custom stocks and in almost any material - from paper to plastic to transparent to Tyvex to metallic to iridescent.

When savvy designers and ad agencies have unusual client requests like 7 x 7 inch envelopes in translucent teal blue plastic with a button and string enclosure (in only three days), they call Admiral first and we listen. We will take your request seriously and make every attempt to fulfill it. If we don't have it in stock, we can find it. If we can't find it, we'll have it made to order -- and always, as rapidly as possible. We understand that rapid turnaround is absolutely essential for your most discriminating clients. Call us with your special request and we will try to accommodate you with the industry's most competitive prices and rapid service.

Some of the very unusual requests we've fulfilled over the years include:

  • An envelope that was 4 inches wide by three feet long.
  • A special request where the printed design bled over all fours sides of the envelope. Admiral was the only manufacturer able to make this envelope work.
  • A window envelope with a full display window in blue acetate that made the mailer inside appear in 3-D.
  • Wedding envelopes lined in handmade paper the client purchased in Thailand.

  • Call us when you need:
  • stock conversion or custom stock
  • special colors or translucent stocks
  • special sizes
  • die cuts/windows
  • special finishing
  • custom linings
  • button & string
  • gumming

  • Latex® Gumming
  • Velcro®
  • Peel Away
  • Tuck-ins
  • Clasp
  • Printed Envelopes
  • embossing, stamping, imprinting, engraving, full bleeds, etc.

  • How To Lay Out A Custom Envelope Design:
    Instructions for Printers and Designers

    Always start your design with the envelope! Decide the finish, size and paper for the envelope you need and design your card or mailing with the envelope in mind. This will save you time, money and frustration later.

    Please follow these rules carefully to insure the best finished envelope. If you do not follow this advice there could be additional charges.

    1. Your printed design must show PIN DOTS, otherwise we cannot accurately cut. It is essential that you print a faint dot on all envelope blanks in the same positions.

    2. Supply pin dot spotter sheets in sufficient quantity to allow five sheets for every 1,000 sheets of printed paper, or print the pin dots on the entire job. Do not mix pin dot spotter sheets with printed stock -- keep separate at the top of a skid and mark "PIN DOT SPOTTER SHEETS" clearly. Pin dot spotter sheets must be supplied for both repeat and new jobs.

    3. Print REGISTER MARKS on all sheets on both Guide side and Tail edge, unless open envelope blank is drawn on layout to very end of paper on Guide side and/or Tail edge.

    4. If paper larger than the designated sheet is used:

      1. For HIGH DIE or ADJUSTABLE BLADE cutting -- move the full imposition to the ADJOINING LAYOUT SUPPLY. Do not center on sheet or spread out.

      2. For STEEL RULE DIE cutting - center the full imposition between the Guide and opposite side. Do not add paper to the Gripper edge; leave excess paper on Tail edge opposite Gripper.

    5. Keep all print matter 3/16" shy of every cut edge of the open envelope blank and from every fold of the finished envelope. Where a solid or tint appears at the very edge of the fold, or the edge of the open blank, extend your printing to bleed 3/16" beyond each such edge.

    6. Our glue does not adhere to printed paper, therefore NEVER carry a bleed further than 3/16" under any flap or seam. Drop out ink from glue area as indicated on layout.

    7. All CONTROL SAMPLE sheets must be CLEARLY IDENTIFIED from beginning to end. Do not mix control sample sheets with printed stock -- keep separate at the top of a skid and distinctly mark " CONTROL SAMPLE SHEETS."

    8. Different lots must be clearly identified whether printed multiple copies per sheet, or with separate plates and/or colors.

    9. All sheets must be strapped on skids with the printed side up, properly jogged, and free from both damaged edges and curl.

    10. DO NOT CHANGE LAYOUT. This layout must be returned with job. DO NOT STRAP LAYOUT OR ARTWORK WITH SKID.

    11. You need to return the layout to us.

    12. You need to rule out a press-sheet for us.

    13. You must show us one sample

    Before Placing Your Custom Order
    By placing a custom order with Admiral Envelope, you are indicating that you have fully read the Terms & Conditions of Sale in its entirety. On some custom orders, a "Non-Stock/Custom Work Order", including these Terms & Conditions of Sale, will be mailed to you for signature confirmation prior to the beginning of manufacture.


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